Round 4 1910

Round 4, 1910
St. Kilda vs Melbourne
Saturday 28 May
Venue: Junction Oval
Attendance: Unknown

St. Kilda0.
Match Statistics

Melbourne win by 3 points

Goalkickers: Harry Brereton 3, Herbert Rodd 3, David Bell 1, Jim Fitzpatrick 1

Last Game
Fred Hewitt

First Goal
Herbert Rodd (2nd game)

The two worst teams in the competition took each other on, and as could be expected they put on a match that might not have been of the highest quality due to most players following the ball and scrambling but provided an exciting finish.

With the wind in the first quarter Melbourne managed just two goals, but they did keep St Kilda from scoring again. With their chance at using the wind St Kilda levelled the scores at half time, and when they booted two into the wind to open the third quarter it looked as if the home side would win the battle of the two easybeats.

Melbourne were only five points in front at the start of the last term, and with St Kilda having the use of the breeze they were expected to run over the top in the final term. But the visitors rallied into the wind like St Kilda had done earlier, they kicked two goals in a row at the start of the quarter and then defended grimly for the rest of the game.

St Kilda got back to within three points in the last few minutes and frantically struggled to go in front. They missed several chances before being denied a goal by umpire Hastings. St Kilda had the ball between the posts but the umpire had already blown for a free kick and in the pre-advantage era the ball had to come back. St Kilda then missed the chance.

Hastings came under attack as he left the field, and after the melee a spectator complained that the umpire had struck him twice on the head as he watched players going to their dressing room after the match. Hastings claimed that he had been hit with a handful of stones and sticks and when he was trapped against the fence he lashed out. Witnesses argued that he had only suffered a slight blow on the arm with an umbrella and then had attacked the spectator who was pushed towards him in the melee. Hastings was fined 40/ with 3p/3 in costs or 14 days imprisonment and never umpired a league game again.

Best were Pearce, Coutie and Tompkins.

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