Round 3 1926

Round 3, 1926
Melbourne vs North Melbourne
Saturday 15 May
Venue: MCG
Attendance: 9495

North Melbourne4.07.110.314.5.89
Match Statistics

Melbourne win by 30 points

Goalkickers: Harry Davie 6, Robert B Johnson 6, Bill Tymms 2, Jimmy Abernethy 1, Dave Duff 1, Harry Moyes 1

First Game
Dave Duff (and first goal)
Jim Veal

Melbourne improved their record to two wins, one loss with an easy victory over the winless Shinboners. After being relatively well held at Carlton a week before Harry Davie got back into form, and was joined by rookie Bob Johnson in kicking 12 goals between them.

After kicking a goal in the first minute, North surprisingly led at quarter time. With their midfield winning they held the lead until midway through the second term when Johnson put his side three points ahead. The Shinboners recovered the lead, holding it until late in the quarter when Davie put his side back in front, then a dubious fre ekick resulted in a Tymms goal that mde the margin nine points.

The visitors started the third quarter in form again, but after three attacks were turned away for just one point, Johnson goalled on the break. North got the next goal but the game soon turned against them, they lost their advantage in the middle and began to concede goals freely, going into the last quarter 39 points down. They won the last term but were too far behind to ever have Melbourne under pressure.

Warne-Smith, Green and Davie were best. Jimmy Davidson suffered an injury at the start of the match which hindered him for the rest of the game.

Ivor Warne-Smith said "We won the match in the third quarter, when our forwards opened out and the game proved too fast for our opponents."

Official records show Mutch as the umpire as named but he was replaced by Payne due to flu.

North Melbourne 10.7.67 d. Melbourne 9.11.65

Sporting Globe - 15/05/1926
Herald - 17/05/1926
Age - 17/05/1926
Football Record R4 1926

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