Round 22 1985

Round 22, 1985
Richmond vs Melbourne
Saturday 31 August
Venue: MCG
Attendance: 17,158

Match Statistics

Richmond win by 41 points

Goalkickers: David Cordner 3, Gerard Healy 2, Alan Johnson 2, Peter Moore 2, Darryl Cox 1, Greg Healy 1, Paul Payne 1, Brian Wilson 1

Brownlow Votes:
2 - Alan Jarrott

Last Game
Les Parish

Last MFC Game
Gerard Healy

Last Game as MFC coach
Ron Barassi

In his last game as coach Ron Barassi didn't see much that he hadn't already seen many times in the previous four seasons. Melbourne were terrible. Even if they had wanted to get up for his last game it was clear that the Demons were desperately looking for the safety of the finish line in 1985.

Despite his lack of success the fans still showed Barassi much respect, applauding him warmly every time he left the coaches box. His side failed to rise to the occasion, and the only reason that Barassi's last game with the Demons didn't end in a fearful hiding was because Richmond took their foot off the pedal in the second half once they'd set up their victory with an 11 goal half-time lead.

Four goals to one in the third quarter helped win some respect back, but the match was well and truly over. David Cordner switched from defence into attack and kicked three goals, but was reported for striking Jim Jess "repeatedly with blows to the head" during a last quarter brawl. It was the first time a Melbourne Cordner had ever been reported. Chris Connolly was also booked. Connolly was outed for three matches and Cordner two.

Fronting a sombre press conference Barassi said "Cheer up. It's not as though there's a death in the family". It was his 710th VFL game as a player or coach, and it seemed like it would be his last.

"It was very moving for me to feel the good vibrations from the crowd" he said, "That was very nice, considering their expectations had not been fulfilled. It was a mighty fine thing and allayed some of my fears about football. The people who follow it are good people. There are a lot of things wrong with football at the moment but the people in the crowds are not one of them".

Melbourne 29.17.191 d. Richmond 8.14.62
Goals - Dickson 8, Grinter 4, Seddon 4, Lyon 3, Wright 3, Armstrong 3, Bailey 1, Bourke 1, Hutchison 1, O'Brien 1
Best - Bourke, Dickson, Rugolo

Under 19s
Richmond 11.19 d. Melbourne 10.6
Goals - Sparks 4, G. Marra 1, O'Dwyer 1, Hannant 1, Duerkop 1, Campbell 1, Brody 1
Best - Campbell, Stynes, Smit



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