Round 22 1975

Round 22, 1975
Collingwood vs Melbourne
Saturday 30 August
Venue: Victoria Park
Attendance: 26,940

Match Statistics

Collingwood win by 1 point

Goalkickers: John Sparks 4, Steven Smith 3, Peter Keenan 2, Stan Alves 1, Carl Ditterich 1, Shane Fitzsimmons 1, Gary Hardeman 1, Glenn Walley 1, Greg Wells 1

First game
Greg Hutchison
Glenn Walley (and first goal)

First goal
John Sparks (4th game)

A match between traditional rivals might have had finals repercussions if Melbourne hadn't just lost two games in a row. Their season was over, but the Demons should have finished as winners anyway.

Ray Biffin demolished Phil Carman at full-back, but when Peter Moore kicked a goal at the 27 minute mark to put the Magpies in front they were home. Two more attacking thrusts by the Demons came up with nothing but behinds and they merely reduced the margin to a point.

Carl Ditterich and Peter Keenan fought in the rooms at half time after an argument about Ditterich not changing out of the ruck in the first two quarters. Keenan was the ruckman for the second half.

Sparks four goal performance was in his first starting appearance after three games coming off the bench.

Best were Biffin, Sullivan and Fowler. Keays was replaced by Walley and Wilkins by Campbell respectively in the last quarter.

Melbourne 14.15 d. Collingwood 12.16
Goals - Giampaolo 3, K. Smith 3, Carroll 2, Lyons 1, Coles 1, Clark 1, Tilbrook 1, Woodman 1, Norris 1
Best - Giampaolo, Graham, Chamberlain

Under 19s
Melbourne 11.5 d. Collingwood 9.14

One point games

Age - 27/08/1975
Age - 01/09/1975
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