Round 17 1980

Round 17, 1980
South Melbourne vs Melbourne
Saturday 26 July
Venue: Lake Oval
Attendance: 11,643

South Melbourne5.69.1013.1217.22.124
Match Statistics

South Melbourne win by 34 points

Goalkickers: Brent Crosswell 5, Garry Baker 1, Michael Byrne 1, Tony Elshaug 1, Wayne Gordon 1, Greg Hutchison 1, Tony Martyn 1, Peter Maynard 1, Maurice Wingate 1

First game and first goal
Peter Maynard

Despite being embroiled in a media controversy surrounding the potential appointment of Ron Barassi as coach in 1981 the Demons players ran a finals contender to the last few minutes for the second week in a row.

It took South until the final minutes of the game to slam on four goals and win comfortably, and Melbourne's good performance came despite Robert Flower being almost completely tagged out of the game.

Carl Ditterich was carpeted by the VFL for criticising the umpiring during the match. He suggested that Brent Crosswell had been unfairly dealt with on the day. Crosswell had received one free kick and given away four. The club were fined $500 for Carl's outburst.

Best were Baker, Elshaug and Crosswell. Tony Elshaug suffered a cut eye and concussion, and Laurie Fowler bruised ribs.


South Melbourne 22.17.149 d. Melbourne 17.11.113
Goals - Coles 5, Woodman 4, O'Donnell 3, Fola 1, Hunnibell 1, Rowe 1, Seaton 1, Whitfort 1
Best - O'Brien, Coles, Seaton

Under 19s
Melbourne 14.12.96 d. South Melbourne 9.7.61
Goals - Tossol 3, Fanning 2, McCarthy 2, Battiston 1, Bell 1, Corrigan 1, Fidge 1, Kelly 1, O'Dwyer 1, Cooper 1
Best - McKissick, Ford, McCarthy

Canberra Times - 27/07/1980
Age - 28/07/1980
Age - 30/07/1980
Age - 14/08/1980
Football Record R18 1980

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