Round 17 1930

Round 17, 1930
Melbourne vs Richmond
Saturday 6 September
Venue: MCG
Attendance: 25,353

Match Statistics

Richmond win by 24 points

Goalkickers: George Margitich 4, Bill Vanthoff 2, Robert C Johnson 1, Howard Steel 1

First Goal
Howard Steel (3rd game)

After losing to Essendon a week earlier, the Redlegs had another chance to confirm their place in the four against one of the teams trying to take their spot. On a hard ground, they failed again.

In what was described as one of the worst matches of the year it was hard to tell that the two sides involved were playing off for the right to be in the finals. The importance of the match had given the sides nerves, and Melbourne were the worst offenders. Dominating the play in the air, winning the ruck and playing with more determination Richmond led at every change. Melbourne went into the game with players unfit from recent matches and were punished.

The play from both sides was described as "over anxious", and a number of Melbourne attacks in the first quarter came to nothing. They got to within a goal late in the quarter after a Conole goal, before conceding late to go into quarter time 10 points behind.

Melbourne attacked desperately at the end of the second quarter and might have taken the lead had they not kicked so badly for goal. The third term was rough, and Melbourne's defence had to work hard to hold the Tigers back in the first 15 minutes but eventually Richmond's accurate passing and good position play left them with a lead of four goals.

The home side had their chances in the final term but kicked abysmally, adding 3.7 to 4.1 to allow Richmond an easy victory.

Johnson (recovering from tonsillitis), Taylor, Wittman and Warne-Smith (recovering from heavy knocks) were all included despite not being fully fit and it showed. Warne-Smith entered the game fit but was handicapped from the first quarter onwards after he was knocked on the heel. Usher was also troubled by a knock to the thigh in the second term.

Best were Conole, W. Jackson and Tymms. 19th man was McDonald.

To compound Melbourne's misery Jack Collins was suspended for a week for wasting time during the third quarter. He was charged after knocking the ball from an opponent's hand as he was about to take a free kick. Collins admitted doing it to give his teammates time to get into position, but said he thought it was allowed.

Richmond 14.20 d. Melbourne 10.8
Goals - Frood 2, Watson 2, Coomber 2, Jones 2, Reid 1, Davidson 1
Best - Power, Davidson, Coomber

Sporting Globe gives the crowd as 30,000.


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