Round 16 1982

Round 16, 1982
Melbourne vs Richmond
Saturday 17 July
Venue: MCG
Attendance: 36,161

Match Statistics

Richmond win by 75 points

Goalkickers: Ted Fidge 2, Gerard Healy 2, Mark Jackson 2, Kelly O'Donnell 1

50 Games
Kelly O'Donnell

After staying in touch with the league leaders for the first quarter, the Demons were hampered by game-ending injuries to Peter Keenan and Steven Smith by quarter time. From there Richmond exerted their superiority, with fourth game ruckman Stuart McKenzie battling hard but finally overcome by the height and weight advantage of the Tiger rucks.

Maurice Rioli thrashed Brian Wilson but despite Steven Icke taking David Cloke to the cleaners at centre half-back the Tigers had too many good players and stormed away after the quarter time break to win easily. By the first break Melbourne had already lost Peter Keenan and Steven Smith to injury and with no other players in reserve were run into the ground.

Speaking about the rampant Richmond final term after the match Ray Jordon said "We sent the runner out to tell them to run out the last 10 or 12 minutes, but he must have gone to the Richmond players". Barassi complained about unfair treatment of Jackson again but once more it was the deficiencies of his own side rather than that of the men in white that had seem them thrashed.

Best were O'Donnell, Giles and O'Brien. Keenan (pinched cartilage), Smith (a sprained ankle initially thought to be torn ankle ligaments) and Jackson (broken nose) suffered injuries.

Richmond 17.23.125 d. Melbourne 17.13.115
Goals - McGlashan 5, Catoggio 3, Clayton 2, Connolly 2, P. Tossol 2, Baker 1, Ellingworth 1, Jarrott 1
Best - Clayton, Ellingworth, Hutchinson

Under 19s
Richmond 18.7.115 d. Melbourne 15.21.111
Goals - Bergman 5, Bamblett 4, Reynolds 3, Hutchinson 1, McDonald 1, Withers 1
Best - McDonald, Bamblett, O'Kane

Canberra Times - 18/07/1982
Age - 19/07/1982
Age - 21/07/1982
Football Record R16 1982

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