Round 15 1989

Round 15, 1989
Melbourne vs North Melbourne
Saturday 15 July
Venue: MCG
Attendance: 23,766

North Melbourne4.36.88.1111.15.81
Match Statistics

Melbourne win by 36 points

Goalkickers: Darren Bennett 5, Garry Lyon 3, David Flintoff 2, Brian Wilson 2, Warren Dean 1, Ricky Jackson 1, Alan Johnson 1, Stephen Newport 1, Steven Stretch 1

Brownlow Votes:
3 - Alan Johnson
1 - Stephen Newport

50 Games
Steven O'Dwyer

Early in their clash at the MCG, North Melbourne looked to be more than a match for their opponents. With Wayne Schwass running riot the Roos even took a lead into quarter time. In the second term, Yeats broke even on Schwass whose teammates were unable to step up in his absence, and after the break the Demons kicked 14 goals to seven.

The Age said Melbourne simply had too many torches blazing, and its strengths were the Roo's weaknesses - like an open and functioning forward line, led by full-forward Darren Bennett, and including Warren Dean at half-forward and, naturally, the brilliant Garry Lyon on a flank

David Flintoff, who was a late replacement for Greg Healy, played a great game at rover and Stephen Newport delivered his best game yet tagging the dangerous Matthew Larkin.

Earl Spalding suffered a strained hamstring, Darren Bennett a sprained ankle, Sean Wight a bruised shoulder. In his 50th game ((Steven O'Dwyer|Steven ODwyer)) was reporting for abusing an umpire but cleared.

John Northey said: "It was the best four quarters we have put in for a while. Once you start kicking a few goals it keeps the enthusiasm there and the players running for you".

North Melbourne 17.14.116 d. Melbourne 9.4.58
Goals - Farrell 3, T. Viney 2, Connolly 2, Mahoney 1, Beveridge 1, Howat 1
Best - Rohde, Campbell, T. Viney
Reports - Peter Rennie for striking

Under 19s
Melbourne 16.16 d. Footscray 6.4
Goals - Ahern 4, B. Stynes 3, Putamorsi 3, Lamb 3, Fedoruk 1, Fanning 1, Cuthbertson 1
Best - Putamorsi, Ahern, Solyom


Canberra Times - 16/07/1989
Age - 17/07/1989
Inside Football - 19/07/1989
Football Record R16 1989

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