Round 15 1978

Round 15, 1978
Melbourne vs Carlton
Saturday 15 July
Venue: Waverley
Attendance: 16,870

Match Statistics

Carlton win by 89 points

Goalkickers: Shane Fitzsimmons 1, Greg Hutchison 1

First Game
Gary Cooke

Last Game
Barry Tippett

Last MFC Game
Ross Brewer

Statistical categories led:
Lowest score at Waverley

Conditions at Waverley were atrocious, but it was no excuse for the ludicrously low score by the Demons. Carlton, for instance, had little problem booting 17 goals.

The loss, their eighth in a row, was such a disappointment that the commitee were forced to call a meeting in the following week with senior players to discuss their performance. It was the Demons lowest score since Round 5, 1908.

The goals came at the 10 minute mark of the second term and 16 minutes into the third.

Coach Denis Jones said "That is the worst game of football I have ever seen". Even Carlton coach Alex Jesaulenko admitted the game told him nothing about his side.

Dullard, Baker and Gaunt were best in what was the club's lowest ever score at Waverley. Paul Thompson was reported for striking future Demon Vin Catoggio during the third quarter but found not guilty. Fowler injured his hamstring in the third quarter and was replaced by interchange player McKeon.

Carlton 17.19.121 d. Melbourne 15.3.93
Goals - Moir 3, Richards 3, Biffen 2, Mills 2, O'Keeffe 2, Begg 1, Norsworthy 1, Seaton 1
Best - Rea, Moir, Denny

Under 19s
Carlton 14.17.101 d. Melbourne 10.13.73
Goals - Angelis 4, Davis 2, Mobbs 2, Bickford 1, Quine 1
Best - Angelis, Mehrten, McKay

Peter Hamilton likely wasn't used off the bench.


Age - 17/07/1978
Age - 18/07/1978
Football Record R16 1978

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