Round 14 1960

Round 14, 1960
South Melbourne vs Melbourne
Saturday 30 July
Venue: Lake Oval
Attendance: 18,000

South Melbourne2.34.64.610.10.70
Match Statistics

Melbourne win by 39 points

Goalkickers: Geoff Tunbridge 5, Robert B Johnson 3, Ian Ridley 3, Ron Barassi 2, Clyde Laidlaw 1, Hassa Mann 1, Ray Nilsson 1


Another week, another win for the Demons as they strengthened their position as premiership favourites and quelled any lingering doubts that they deserved their position at the head of the table despite not getting out of first gear.

On the back of their own unaccuracy in front of goal and a dominant first half by the trio of Dixon, Tunbridge and Ridley, South were already three goals behind going into the third quarter and were then blown away by a rampant Melbourne performance where they slammed on 8.5 to nothing.

Melbourne wasn't distracted by a string of fiery clashes, including South captain Ron Clegg chasing Laurie Mithen around with a clenched fist. They further tried to impose themselves physically in the third quarter but it didn't help. In a 15 minute burst Geoff Tunbridge kicked four and had a hand in two others.

With the pressure off and an eleven goal lead at the last change the visitors took their foot off the gas and allowed South to make the margin respectable. The win was their tenth straight. Just the third time they'd managed the feat in the one season - the other one being 1956 when they won 13 in a row. It was their best score against South since 1943.

Dixon, Tunbridge and Ridley were Melbourne's best. Ridley and Trevor Johnson were replaced by Rowarth and Leahy in the last quarter.

Melbourne 15.11 d. South Melbourne 9.15
Goals - Crompton 5, Sheppard 5, R. Rolfe 2, Jeffrey 1, L. Mann 1, Turner 1
Best - Crompton, Sheppard, L. Mann

Under 19s
South Melbourne 7.16 d. Melbourne 6.10

Age - 01/08/1960
Football Record R15 1960

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