Round 14 1909

Round 14, 1909
Carlton vs Melbourne
Saturday 31 July
Venue: Princes Park
Attendance: Unknown

Match Statistics

Carlton win by 51 points

Goalkickers: Vin Coutie 2, Harry Brereton 1, Len Norman 1

Last Game
Len Norman
Henry Wright

Though they were in the top four the Blues replaced their coach during the week in an internal dispute about training. They sent out a strong team and cleaned up Melbourne in one of the most lopsided games of the year. In the midst of the most violent season in VFL history Henry Harrison had addressed the Blues players before the match and implored them to play fairly, and though they did they were still brutal in dismantling a Melbourne side playing their worst match of the year.

Only Carlton's poor goal kicking stopped them from racking up an even larger victory. They had one goal from nine scoring shots in the first quarter, and that came from a free kick close to goal. On the other side usually unflappable Melbourne players were fumbling, scrambling and dropping marks.

Carlton were again inaccurate in the second quarter, leaving them on a total of 2.15 at half time and giving Melbourne a chance to mount a comeback if they were good enough. On the day they weren't, and Melbourne's only goal from the half came in the same manner as both Carlton goals - from free kicks.

The Blues continued to dominate in the third quarter and eventually started to convert goals instead of kicking behinds, and that was the end of Melbourne's chances. They improved slightly in the last quarter but were still outscored.

Best were Pearce, Mills and Monk.

Argus - 02/08/1909
Punch - 05/08/1909
Australasian - 07/08/1909

Blueseum match report

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