Round 11 1989

Round 11, 1989
Hawthorn vs Melbourne
Monday 12 June
Venue: Princes Park
Attendance: 21,396

Match Statistics

Melbourne win by 15 points

Goalkickers: Greg Healy 3, Garry Lyon 2, Luke Beveridge 1, Rod Grinter 1, John Howat 1, Ricky Jackson 1, Stephen Newport 1

Brownlow Votes:
3 - Stephen Newport
2 - Simon Eishold

50 Games
Ricky Jackson
Jim Stynes

With the last match between the two being the slaughter of the 1988 Grand Final Melbourne were desperate to go some way to atoning for that performance on a Princes Park mudheap against an injury and suspension depleted Hawthorn side. In terrible conditions the two sides played a match of a terrible standard where players would struggle to kick more than a few metres and would rarely find a teammate when they did.

Steven Stretch, especially, was desperate to make amends. He had famously been worried into fumbling a ball out of bounds by the sheer presence of Robert DiPierdomenico during the Grand Final. On this Saturday, with the game well and truly in the balance early in the last term, it was Stretch who took the ball out of bounds again - this time however he had heroically fought to win it before being bumped out of bounds.

In a game that never went more than a couple of goals either way it was a crucial moment. The Demons kicked the first goal of the last quarter and locked the game down. John Platten kicked the Hawks only point of the last term in the first ten minutes and the brakes were firmly applied.

Best were Newport, Eishold and Lyon.


Melbourne 9.13.67 d. Hawthorn 8.7.55
Goals - Farrell 3, Morey 2, Wilson 1, M.Febey 1, Connolly 1, Rennie 1
Best - Turner, Rohde, Wilson

Under 19s
Geelong 24.7.151 d. Melbourne 8.11.59
Goals - Putamorsi 2, Morey 2, Grehan 1, Solyom 1, Sullivan 1, Keipert 1
Best - Morey, Keipert, Solyom

Canberra Times - 12/06/1989
Age - 13/06/1989
Football Record R12 1989

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