Round 11 1980

Round 11, 1980
Collingwood vs Melbourne
Saturday 7 June
Venue: Victoria Park
Attendance: 23,040

Match Statistics

Collingwood win by 10 points

Goalkickers: Tony Elshaug 4, Henry Coles 3, Andrew Moir 3, Phil Pinnell 2, Steven Smith 2, Garry Baker 1, Graham Gaunt 1, Bill Nettlefold 1, Greg Wells 1


The Demons made three changes - only one unforced. Stephen Bickford and Tony Martyn were injured and Wayne Gordon was dropped against the match for his old side. Greg Wells, Graham Gaunt and Greg Hutchison came into the side and Andrew Moir became the latest Demon to try and fill the troubled full-forward position.

Carl Ditterich played his best game in years, taking on and beating Brownlow Medallist Peter Moore in the ruck and nearly engineering a shock victory for his side.

His ankle finally gave way in the last 15 minutes with the Pies a point behind and he was forced to retreat to the forward line. It was up to the rest of the side to deliver on what the old master had set up, they couldn't.

Anyone in the rooms after the game could see the toll the game, and a long career, had taken on Carl. More than 35-years-old Ditterich hobbled to the showers with swollen ankles covered in ice packs. His comment "sometimes I think I'm crazy" said it all. He wasn’t overly critical of players, saying “We had them on toast, but we stopped running. Lack of discipline and lapses at the end of each quarter cost us”.

Best were Ditterich, Elshaug and Flower. Robert Walters suffered a bruised cheek/concussion, Robert Elliott a concussion, Robert Flower a bruised foot and Brent Crosswell a sore neck.

Collingwood 17.24.126 d. Melbourne 11.11.77
Goals - Bunn 5, Hunnibell 1, O'Brien 1, Rowe 1, Sherwen 1, Whitford 1, Wingate 1
Best - Bunn, Hunnibell 1, Rowe

Under 19s
Melbourne 22.14.146 d. Collingwood 17.12.114
Goals - McCarthy 5, Kelly 4, Osiurak 4, Ellingworth 2, Fidge 2, Tossol 2, Battiston 1, Fanning 1, Ford 1
Best - Deakin, Tossol, Battiston

Age - 09/06/1980
Football Record R12 1980

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