Round 10 1984

Round 10 1984
Melbourne vs Richmond
Saturday 2 June
Venue: MCG
Attendance: 43,912

Match Statistics

Melbourne win by 27 points

Goalkickers: Robert Flower 4, Adrian Battiston 3, Kelvin Templeton 2, Bret Bailey 1, John Fidge 1, Gerard Healy 1, Peter Moore 1, Peter Thorne 1

Brownlow Votes:
3 - Robert Flower
2 - Gerard Healy

100 Games
Gerard Healy

A mis-match which allowed Robert Flower to run riot on a half forward-flank for ten minutes in the first term laid the foundation for Melbourne's win. By the time Richmond closed down on the champion Demon he had two goals on the board, and Melbourne had four. Flower kicked four of his own for the day and gave off as many to teammates. Down the other end, Alan Jarrott shut down Maurice Rioli and was the catalyst for many of his side's forward thrusts.

The 14 point quarter time lead was whittled down to seven at the half, before the Demon small men steadied the ship and help their side run away with the game in the last term.

Best were Moore, Flower and Jarrott. O'Sullivan suffered a broken jaw, and Adrian Battiston replaced Greg Healy (hamstring soreness) in the selected side.

Ron Barassi described it as "the best win since I have been coach here. It was just a fantastic team effort and there were no lapses in our play today at any stage".


David Williams, Peter Thorne, Gerard Healy, Shane Zantuck and Peter Moore celebrate.

Melbourne 24.18.162 d. Richmond 12.13.85
Goals - Grinter 3, Holden 3, O'Donnell 3, Reynolds 3, Boland 2, Dickson 2, Joycey 2, N. Kol 2, Durnan 1, Hutchinson 1, Ward 1, Newport 1
Best - Dickson, O'Donnell, Joycey

Under 19s
Richmond 30.6.186 defeated Melbourne 8.5.53
Goals - Mazurek 5, Couper 1, Marra 1, Edwards 1
Best - Bourke, Mazurek, Peter McCarty

Canberra Times - 03/06/1984
Age - 04/06/1984
Age - 06/06/1984
Football Record R11 1984

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