Round 10 1971

Round 10, 1971
Richmond vs Melbourne
Saturday 5 June
Venue: MCG
Attendance: 48,708

Match Statistics

Richmond win by 31 points

Goalkickers: Barry Bourke 4, Paul Callery 2, Peter Keenan 2, Lloyd Burgmann 1, Denis Clark 1, Greg Wells 1

First Game
Shane McSpeerin

With the English national soccer team in attendance, Melbourne and Richmond turned on a fine exhibition of the national sport for the visitors - but one that ultimately saw a premonition by Ian Ridley that his side was going to lose come true.

After a first quarter where they kicked six goals and opened a lead of almost three Melbourne's weaknesses were exposed. They were second best up forward, in the ruck and in the air around the ground and by the long break the Tigers were back in front and wouldn't surrender the lead again.

"I had this feeling we'd go down", said Ridley after the match and it was the Tigers constant pressure which got them the victory. The young Demons wilting against the relentless Richmond and desperately needing a second ruckman to give Peter Keenan help in the middle.

Barry Bourke was his side's only winner up forward, but even he kicked three of his four goals in the first quarter and was quiet afterwards. From there Melbourne were beaten easily out of the middle and even when they did get the ball forward were unable to capitalise with marks.

Best were Wells, Sullivan and Callery. Burgmann was replaced by McSpeerin and Lakes by Lawrie in the last quarter.

Melbourne 13.14 d. Richmond 11.10
Goals - Carr 4, Sinclair 2, Brown 1, Colcott 1, Weeks 1, Honey 1, Theodore 1, McDonald 1, Queay 1
Best - Sinclair, Brown, Hodges

Under 19s
Melbourne 13.13 d. Richmond 12.10
Goals - Smith 4, O'Kane 2, Anderson 1, Brewer 1, Dilnot 1, McGuinness 1, Moore 1, Taylor 1, Tesoriero 1
Best - Aubrey, Anderson, Cunningham

Age - 07/06/1971
Inside Football - 12/06/1971
Football Record R11 1971

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