Practice Match 1972 vs Norwood

Practice Match, 1972
Norwood vs Melbourne
Saturday, 18 March
Venue: Norwood Oval
Attendance: Unknown


Melbourne win by 70 points

Goalkickers: Ray Carr 9, Greg Wells 3, Lloyd Burgmann 3, Graham Osborne 2, Peter Sinclair 2, Paul Callery 2, Ross Brewer 2, Graham Molloy 1, John Townsend 1, Mike Collins 1

Ray Carr dominated up forward and John Townsend, Paul Callery and Greg Wells were prominent.

In an intra-club match at the MCG on the same day Greg Parke booted 10 goals.

Ray Biffin (strained groin), Ray Carr (sprained ankle) and Peter Keenan (sprained ankle) all suffered injuries during the match.

Age - 20/03/1972]
Age - 22/03/1972

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