June 1884 match vs South Melbourne

Saturday 28 June - MCG
Crowd: 4000

Melbourne 1.11
South Melbourne 3.9 (half time 1.6-1.4)

South Melbourne win by 2 goals

Goalkicker: Doran 1

Rain shortly before the start of the game caused the turf to be slippery, and despite the disadvantage for players turning or changing directions quickly the two sides put on an exciting match.

South attacked first, and Melbourne could do no better than get the ball back to the centre of the ground before being put under pressure again. It took a great deal of effort to get it forward when they scored two behinds and after a brief period of dominance by the home side got the first goal of the day through Doran.

Melbourne were playing well as a team and had South on the run, but shortly before half time the visitors equalised. They scored another soon after the restart, and with Melbourne's forwards in poor form the home team were unable to score another goal. Jones could have equalised but missed from 10 yards in front, and near the end South got the sealer.

Best were McIntyre, Propsting and Jones.

Affleck, Aitken, Coulson, Cussen, Doran, Franks, Jones, Harry, Macdonald, McAllister, McIntyre, Morrison, Pohlman, Propsting, Rosa, Rout, Spooner, Strachan, Tuckfield, Tuckfield. Emergencies - Buick, Abernethy.

Herald - 27/06/1884
Argus - 30/06/1884
Sportsman - 02/07/1884
Weekly Times - 05/07/1884
Australasian - 05/07/1884

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