June 1876 match vs West Melbourne

Melbourne vs West Melbourne
Saturday 24 June
Venue: Melbourne Ground
Attendance: 3000

West Melbourne0

Match drawn

Melbourne's poor start to the season continued as they were unable to beat their significantly less fancied visitors. West Melbourne did have the advantage of five extra players.

The home side kicked into the wind in the first half, but Melbourne attacked first and had three good chances for the opening goal. They were unable to score anything more than a behind, and Freeman missed a golden opportunity to open the scoring. A West Melbourne player did the same, and after a number of missed opportunities by both sides saw the game go to half time scoreless.

Neither side managed a goal in the second half, but Melbourne could have won if Toppy Longden hadn't fallen with an attack of cramp as he was approaching an open goal.

Best were Sillett, C. Baker and Longden.

Weekly Times - 29/06/1876
Australasian - 01/07/1876

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