July 1895 Match vs Port Melbourne

Saturday 20 July - MCG

Melbourne 6.11
Port Melbourne 2.3

Melbourne win by 4 goals

Goalkickers: McCarthy 3 McKenzie 2, Christie 1

Bouncing back from their first loss of the season a week earlier, Melbourne were by far the better side for the first three quarters of their clash against Port.

Both sides put out their best sides, but while Melbourne was handicapped by the individual play of their side they put it together in the third quarter and played like the team who was going into the match of the season the next Saturday.

Port put in a belated strong performance in the last quarter but they were too far behind.

The win came despite Fred McGinis playing his worst game with the club, but his 'absence' was balanced by Port's champion Cornelius also putting in a terrible performance.

Best were O'Halloran, Wardill and Sheehan.

Some sources have McCarthy and Christie's goals all being kicked by O'Halloran

Argus - 22/07/1895

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