July 1882 match vs Geelong

Geelong vs Melbourne
Saturday 29 July
Venue: Corio Oval
Attendance: Apprx. 3000


Melbourne win by 1 goal

Goalkickers: R. Nicholson 1, George Aitken 1

In their 10th league engagement for the season the Reds finally broke through for a win in the unfamiliar confines of Corio Oval. Despite the poor start to the year approximately 200 Melbourne fans travelled by train to Geelong for the match.

Despite the fine weather the two sides went to battle on a heavy ground due to recent rain, and Melbourne kicked with a slight wind in their favour in the first half. The first stroke of luck for the visitors came when a Geelong player was forced to retire from the match almost immediately due to injury.

Not long after the start Melbourne had first goal courtesy of Nicolson from a set shot 30 yards in front of goal, but Geelong equalised a few minutes later. The ball spent the rest of the first half bouncing from one end of the field to the other but neither team could add another major.

A new Melbourne tactic to try and set up shots in front of goal instead of aimless kicking forward helped spring the biggest upset of the season. They struck early in the second half through George Aitken, and Geelong attacked hard for an equaliser but could only manage 13 behinds in suffering their first defeat of the year. They'd been kept away from goal for most of the half, before putting on a rush and kicking most of their behinds, many from what should have been easy shots on goal.

It was Geelong's first home loss since defeat at the hands of Melbourne in May 1877.

Best were Thewlis, McKenzie and Pitcher.

Selected team
Aitken, Aitken, Booth, F. Longden, Morris, Morris, Mackenzie, Macdonald, Nicholson, Nicholson, Nash, Pitcher, Power, Power, Rannard, Robertson, Sloman, Syme, Thewlis, Ulbrick, Henderson, Morrison

Australasian says Melbourne was 1.2 at half time

Age - 29/07/1882
Argus - 31/07/1882
Australasian - 05/08/1882

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