July 1879 match vs Carlton

Saturday July 12 - East Melbourne
Crowd: 6000-7000

Melbourne 1.17
Carlton 1.5 (HT 0.4 to 1.5)

Match drawn

Goalkicker: Bob Sillett 1

In the second battle between the old enemies for the season, the ground was unfit to play on due to heavy rain. Carlton's ground was on standby, but the match continued as planned, with players spilling frequently.

Looking for their first win in almost two months Melbourne dominated the play in the difficult conditions but failed to make the most of their chances. They got the first goal 20 minutes after the start courtesy of a 60 yard strike by Sillett, but continued to blow good opportunities throughout the afternoon.

Shortly after the half Carlton took advantage of Melbourne's lax forward play to score a lucky goal, and that would be the last major for the match. Both sides threw themselves into the match with vigour after the equaliser, but when darkness fell the game was called off.

Best were Baker, Longden and Bennie. Baker was accused of having spikes coming from his boots by Carlton fans, but none were found. The Association later upheld the charge and warned him against doing similar in the future.

Selected team
C. Baker, T. Baker, Bennie, J. Booth, W. Boys, JV Cook, Crohan, Lamrock, E. Longden, W. Longden, MacDonald, MacKenzie, J. McKie, Murray, Oakley, Power, Sandilands, Sillett, Simson, Snowden. Emergencies - T. Fairbairn, Swyer, Waldron

Some sources have the score as 1.16 to 1.6

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Argus - 14/07/1879
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