July 1874 Match vs Carlton

Saturday July 18 - Melbourne Ground
Crowd - 7000 to 10,000

Melbourne 1
Carlton 3 (half time 0-1)

Carlton win by 2 goals

Goalkicker: Austin Loughnan 1

The clash between the two biggest sides in the colony came with Carlton in poor form and Melbourne having won their last four, helping draw a huge crowd to see the match.

In good conditions Melbourne registered the first behind of the game, but they spent much of the day fumbling while Carlton kept their cool. The Reds attacked again but couldn't prevent Carlton from rebounding the ball down the other end. Eventually a mistake by Billy Kneen gifted the Blues the only goal of the first half.

In the second half Melbourne occasionally pushed forward courtesy of brilliant individual efforts but lacked the teamwork to equalise until Austin Loughnan managed to boot their only major of the day. They then battered the opposition goal for 10 minutes but couldn't break through for another, and were eventually beaten on the counter-attack. They regained the lead with a second and third goal, the last of which prompted Carlton's supporters to rush the ground in celebration.

When play re-commenced there was only five minutes left and Melbourne were unable to score again.

Carr, Williams and Moore were best.

Age - 20/07/1874
Advocate - 25/07/1874

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