July 1871 match vs Ballarat

Saturday 1 July - Eastern Oval

Ballarat 2
Melbourne 0 (half time 1-0)

Ballarat won by 2 goals

Henry Harrison led 15 of Melbourne against 20 from Ballarat in his side's first ever match against them. His side arrived on the Friday night train in high spirits, but their spirits were dampened by heavy overnight rain.

The small ground was muddy, with several areas of pooled water slowing play down. The state of the ground neutralised the running advantage that the metropolitan side would have held despite their lesser numbers. During the first half Goldsmith, acting as an umpire because he was initially unfit to play, decided to join in. Ballarat was given an extra player too.

Melbourne had to fight hard to defend their goal, and after half time changed their tactics to better suit their numerical disadvantage. They had two shots 50 yards out from goal, but couldn't make the distance with the heavy ball. With 15 minutes left of a four hour game in the mud Ballarat got their second. They could have had a third but it was disallowed on the grounds of the player running too far.

Some sources suggest Melbourne had 14 players.

Ballarat Courier - 03/07/1871
Australasian - 08/07/1871

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