July 1869 match vs Police

Saturday 3 July - MCG
Crowd: 4000

Melbourne 2
Police 0

Melbourne win

Goalkickers: Baker 1, Gaggin 1

The majority of the police were only versed with the Irish brand of the game, but had practiced for six weeks after Melbourne's challenged was accepted to ensure they weren't humiliated.

Melbourne outclassed them and won in an hour, but despite their inability to kick and lack of tactical knowledge the constabulary weren't totally disgraced.

Selected team
Harrison (c), Byrne (vc), Adamson, Barker, Bell, Bennie, Bruford, Carr, Colles, Duff, C. Forrester, Gaggin, Goldsmith, Hepburn, Hope, McLellan, Riggall, Stodart, E. Towle, Wildman. Emergencies - Thomas, J. Forrester, Serrell and Whitclaw

Some sources suggest the score was 3-0 and that Riggall scored the goal. This may have been a scratch match.

Other sources say the game was played at the Richmond Paddock/Melbourne Ground.

Herald - 18/05/1869
Age - 03/07/1869
Age - 05/07/1869
Leader - 10/07/1869
Mercury - 16/07/1931

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