July 1867 match vs Geelong

Monday July 1 - Melbourne Ground

Melbourne 0
Geelong 2

Geelong win

Despite Melbourne not having yet scored a goal for the season they were favourites against Geelong, who had beaten them earlier in the year but missed out on practice when a scratch match meant to be held on the weekend didn't occur. With a big turnout of potential players each team fielded 21 players - with Melbourne's side boosted by ring-ins from Carlton and South Yarra.

The home side won the toss and were able to kick with the wind, but they wasted early chances, and 25 minutes after the start Geelong opened the scoring. After more wasted chances by Melbourne the two sides then adjourned to the MCG pavilion for lunch.

After the break Geelong had to kick against the wind again but after an hour's struggle, and more missed chances by Melbourne, the visitors scored again..

Former Melbourne player Tom Wills suffered a bruised nose and black eye when he was thrown onto one of the footpaths which crossed the paddock and Byrne landed on him. He was also collared by Hillden after taking a mark shortly before Geelong's second goal. The umpire appointed by Melbourne said he went in front of his mark and declined Geelong's appeal for a free, but Harrison allowed a free kick out of courtesy, leading directly to the second goal.

Best were Harrison, Ferguson and Bennie. Horace Harrison, originally named an emergency, suffered a mouth injury.

Bennie, Bell, Bruford, Harrison (c), Horan, Fleming, Freeman, RW Wardill, F. Ireland, R. Ireland, Finlay, Ferguson, Hepburn, J. Stodart, Oswald, Lock, Moody, Byrne, De C Ireland, Green. Emergencies - McLaughlin, Moody, Waugh, Waugh, Kennedy, Stevens, Bold, Holland, Copeland, H. Harrison.

Some sources say the game was played on the Melbourne Ground.

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