July 1866 match vs Carlton

Saturday 21 July - Richmond Paddock

Melbourne 2
Carlton 0

Melbourne win

Goalkickers: Andrew Fleming 1, Robert Waugh 1

Carlton had won praise amongst football followers for their performance in holding Melbourne to a draw in their previous encounter, but in the return match they were beaten within an hour. Fleming got the first goal after 30 minutes and Waugh the sealer half an hour later.

A scratch match was then played for the remainder of the afternoon.

Henry Harrison captained Melbourne.

Selected side
Aitken, Bennie, Bruford, Campbell, Dinwoodie, Dana, Fleming, Freeman, Finlay, Gates, Hurst, Hewitt, Harrison, Horan, Ireland, R. Ireland, T. Ireland, Lock, Michie, Neal, James Ogilvie, Snodgrass, Stodart, Wardille, Waugh, White

Age says 'Powell' goalled not Waugh but there is no Powell recorded playing for Melbourne that year so this is likely a misprint of Waugh.

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