August 1880 match vs Carlton

Saturday August 21 - Melbourne Ground
Crowd: 5000-6000

Melbourne 1.6
Carlton 2.7 (half time 1.1 to 0.5)

Goalkicker: Aitken 1

Rain which covered the ground in mud stopped just after the game started, but by then the spectacle was already wrecked and players were finding it impossible to stay on their feet. It soon returned and continued to fall through the afternoon.

For the first 10 minutes the home side attacked solidly but only managed three behinds and then got the first goal of the day through Aitken. His kick from distance bounced over the Carlton goalkeeper and through the posts. There was some suggestion that it had been touched but the umpire paid it 'all clear'.

Carlton equalised before half time and the two sides went into the break locked together on a goal apiece. Melbourne were the better side when they came back on the field but they couldn't add to their half time goal total. Rickards had a chance on goal but failed and Carlton drove back to their end to score a second and decisive major.

From there the leaders always threatened to add more to their score and Melbourne were lucky to concede just three more behinds.

Best were Aitken, Bennie and Manifold.

It was Carlton's first win at the Melbourne ground since 1875.

Selected team
Adams, Aitken, Baker, Bennie, Booth, Boys, Downes, Franks, Hopkins, Lamrock, Longden, Longden, McDonald, McKenzie, McKie, Manifold, Nash, Sibley, Simson, Smart, Young. Emergency - Silvester.

Age - 21/08/1880
Argus - 23/08/1880
Age - 23/08/1880
Australasian - 28/08/1880

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