2022 AFLW spring season Round 7

AFLW Round 7, 2022 spring season
Melbourne vs Western Bulldogs
Sunday 9 October
Venue: Casey Fields
Attendance: 2154

Western Bulldogs0.
Match statistics

Melbourne win by 64 points

Goalkickers: Alyssa Bannan 3, Tayla Harris 2, Eden Zanker 2, Sabreena Duffy 1, Kate Hore 1, Eliza West 1

50 games
Kate Hore

Statistical categories led:
Biggest win and highest score against Western Bulldogs
Equal most free kicks against in a game: Sinead Goldrick - 5

After a rare home defeat in their last start at Casey Fields, Melbourne welcomed the eighth placed Bulldogs and delivered an unexpectedly brutal victory.

Kicking with the wind in the first quarter, the Demons kept the visitors scoreless but failed to capitalise on a series of repeat inside 50s. When they conceded the first goal of the second quarter within 30 seconds it looked like the sides would play out a competitive game, the Dogs failed to kick another for the rest of the game while Melbourne went on to a record victory. Three more goals before half time, and six to nil in the second half set up their second highest score and second largest victory of all time.

Best were Paxman, West and Goldrick. Lauren Pearce and Karen Paxman clashed heads. Pearce suffered a concussion.

Scoreless first quarters

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