1992 Practice Match vs Fitzroy

Practice Match (1992))
Fitzroy vs Melbourne
Saturday 8 February
Venue: Bulleen Park
Attendance: Unknown

Fitzroy 2.93.1311.1613.21.99

Fitzroy win by 25 points

Goalkickers: Darren Bennett 3, Allen Jakovich 3, Andy Lovell 2, Todd Viney 1, Luke Beveridge 1

The teams played at Fitzroy's summer training venue with a strong northerly wind behind them. It favoured the Lions in the first quarter, but they only managed two goals from 11 scoring shots and held a slender lead. The Demons were not much better in the second, booting 2.6 to lead by a goal at half time.

The Lions then turned the game on its head in the third term, kicking 8.3 to 1.2. Melbourne narrowly won the final term but the damage had already been done.

Speaking of the result, John Northey suggested players were still feeling the effects of a tough training camp at HMAS Cerberus, but suggested "the results come back at the end of the year."

Best were Obst, Lovett and Stretch. Garry Lyon missed the second half, with what was variously described as a hamstring strain, groin strain or stomach upset.

Canberra Times - 09/02/1992
Age - 09/02/1992
Age - 11/02/1992

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