1987 Exhibition Match vs Sydney

Friday 9 October - BC Place, Vancouver
Crowd - 32,987

Melbourne 3.6, 9.12, 14.15, 20.19.139
Sydney 3.2, 5.3, 10.8, 12.9.81

Melbourne win by 58 points

Goalkickers: Warren Dean 5, Ricky Jackson 4, Dean Chiron 3, Tony Campbell 3, Jim Stynes 2, Greg Healy 2, Graeme Yeats 1, Simon Eishold 1

The biggest crowd outside of Australia ever to watch a VFL match saw Melbourne move into the final of the "Fosters World Challenge" tournament with an easy win over the Swans. It was even a bigger crowd than local Canadian Football side the BC Lions usually drew, and the biggest reactions were for a series of brawls.

Sydney played the match in the shadow of the potential sacking of coach Tom Hafey. And John Northey admitted roasting his team at half time.

They qualified to meet North Melbourne in the World Challenge Final a week later.

Best were Dean, Wight and Spalding. Flower injured his shoulder and Hughes his hand.


Canberra Times - 11/10/1987
Sun - 12/10/1987
Age - 12/10/1987
Age - 15/10/1987

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