1984 Reserves Grand Final

Reserves Grand Final, 1984
Melbourne vs Carlton
Saturday 29 September
Venue: MCG
Attendance: n/a


Melbourne win by 36 points

Goalkickers: Brian Wilson 5, Joe Rugolo 3, Ted Fidge 1, Xavier Tanner 1, Greg Hutchison 1

Ray Jordon coached the Demons to the flag. He said he work wasn't done yet, "if you come into a club that has had no winning for years and years it takes a long time to get that mongrel feeling back into the players." he said. 17 striking charges were laid in a game marred by ugly melees. Booked for Melbourne were Paul O'Brien (three times), John Fidge, Roger Ellingworth (four counts of attempted striking), Ted Fidge and Glenn Boland. It was believed to be the most players ever reported in one game.

The fights started with an all-in brawl before the first bounce. Once the game got going Carlton wasted a lively start with wasteful kicking into attack

Speaking after the game 'Slug' Jordon said "What was most satisfying was that we won the fight and had more players reported. That hasn't happened for a long time at Melbourne".

5. Ray Holden
7. Brian Wilson
8. Peter Thorne
10. Danny Hughes
14. Roger Ellingworth
15. Mark Withers
16. Adrian Battiston
18. Greg Hutchison
19. Rodney Wright
21. Peter Tossol
23. Kelly O'Donnell
24. Bret Bailey
25. Xavier Tanner
27. Glenn Boland
29. Dale Dickson
34. Jim Durnan
36. Ted Fidge
38. Scott Sutcliffe
40. Paul O'Brien
42. Bret Hutchinson
43. Frank Rugolo
44. John Fidge
49. David Allday

Canberra Times - 30/09/1984
Age - 01/10/1984
Canberra Times - 02/10/1984

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