1971 Night Series Final

1971 Heinz Night Series Final
Melbourne vs Fitzroy
Monday, 27 September
Venue: Lake Oval
Attendance: 21,169


Melbourne win by 16 points

Goalkickers: Ross Dillon 3, John Townsend 3, Paul Callery 2, Robert McKenzie 1, Greg Wells 1, Stan Alves 1, Glenn Molloy 1

Image With senior coach Ian Ridley overseas, the side were coached by Bernie Massey, and Massey's one game in charge delivered the Demons their first ever night premiership and the first piece of silverware for the trophy cabinet since 1964.

Deep in the third quarter the dominant display of Melbourne's midfield and rovers in wet conditions had them 47 points in front, but in a game marred with brawls so severe that a boundary umpire got elbowed in the face trying to stop one, Fitzroy clamped down on their opponents running, handballing game and got to within three goals.

The atmosphere was so charged that even groups of spectators who had gone onto the ground to hear the three-quarter time addresses by the coach managed to get themselves into an all-in brawl with the police.

Best were Townsend, Callery and Wells.

Robert McKenzie was reported for striking. The result of the hearing is unknown.

The Demons received a cash prize of $1000 for their victory.

B: Bourke, Biffin, Walker
HB: Sullivan, Hardeman, Davis
C: Alves, Tilbrook, Rollinson
HF: McKenzie, Molloy, Clark
F: Osborne, Dillon, Townsend
Foll: Keenan, Wells, Callery
Res: P. Sinclair, McSpeerin
Em: Hodges, Leary

Age - 28/09/1971

Program image courtesy of grandoldflag.net

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