1965 Night Series Round 1

1965 Night Series Round 1
Carlton vs Melbourne
Thursday 2 September
Venue: Lake Oval
Attendance: 23,500


Carlton win by 76 points

Goalkickers: Ken Emselle 4, John Townsend 1, Frank Vearing 1, Robert Stewart 1, Rob Foster 1

The Demons trialled Brian Dixon at full-forward in their first night series match since 1957. That year all teams had participated but in 1965 it was just for sides who had missed the finals.

Carlton were desperate to get something out of the year after missing the four under the tutelage of Ron Barassi and by quarter time the match was over with the Blues 57 points in front.

Best were Crompton, Emselle and McLean.

B: Crompton, Massey, Rowe
HB: Kenneally, Williams, McLean
C: Townsend, Mann, Alves
HF: Vagg, Rattray, Feldman
F: Foster, Dixon, Vearing
Foll: Wise, Stewart, Emselle
Res: Davis, Stone
Emg: Bromell, Leitch, Robbie

Football Record 1965 Night Series
Age - 03/09/1965


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