1963 Exhibition Match 1 vs Geelong

October 20, 1963 - Honolulu Stadium
Crowd - 1454

Melbourne 17.21.123
Geelong 15.21.111

Melbourne win by 12 points

Goalkickers: Barry Bourke 5, Frank Adams 2, Barrie Vagg 2, Bob Carroll 2, Tony Thiessen 2, Hassa Mann 1, Unknown 3

The first Australian Rules players ever to take the game to the United States were given a rock star welcome on arrival in Honolulu, and after a demonstration session at an Air Force base the Honolulu Advertiser newspaper said Aussie Rules was "too strenuous for our athletes, but an exciting, completely fascinating game". A week earlier the Demons played an intra-club game where the group of players under the familiar name of the 'Magpies' won 149-146.

Hula dancers, musicians, TV cameras and radio reporters all flocked for a look at the mysterious foreign footballers.

Played on a square-stadium with 15 players a side, the Demons went into the match against the premiers with a side missing many stars. With the umpires not given the power to report players the match was a bloodbath. Ron Barassi flattened Polly Farmer.

The crowd were helped with their understanding of the rules by a live broadcast over the stadium's public address system from caller Tony Charlton. Scores were level until deep into the last quarter before Barry Bourke and Bob Carroll kicked the goals that won the game.

The Demons were presented with a wooden Hawaiian style trophy.

Norm Smith said "There appeared to be more spite on the part of both teams. We had a bit of an advantage in that we were able to adjust to weather conditions in Hawaii by being here two weeks longer than Geelong."

The 1963 Annual Report carries a report saying that the match was 11 a side. Quarter by quarter scores Melbourne 35, 23, 24, 41 and Geelong 13, 24, 47, 27.

Age - 09/10/1963
Honolulu Advertiser - 20/10/1963
Canberra Times - 23/10/1963

Program image courtesy of grandoldflag.net

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