1956 Exhibition Game vs East Perth

Saturday 20 October - Subiaco
Crowd - 16,000
Melbourne 3.4, 4.8, 8.13, 9.13.67
East Perth 2.2, 3.7, 4.11,7.14.56

Melbourne win by 11 points

Goalkickers: Athol Webb 4, Robert C Johnson 2, Tony Bull 2, Frank Adams 1

The second post season game against interstate premiers, and Melbourne's second win.

East Perth jumped the Demons in the first quarter, and it was only a combination of Melbourne's strong defence and the West Australian side's poor goalkicking that kept the game close. In the dying minutes the Demons only held a four point lead, before extending the gap shortly before the end.

Melbourne lined up with just 12 of its premiership side, and were met by a fearless opposition that harassed them all day. The visitors' forward play was poor, and it was their backs that kept them afloat. Many poorly constructed attacks, lacking the long drop kicks that the Victorian game was known for, leaving their punts to be cleaned up by the East defence. With the dominant Polly Farmer holding down the ruck, the margin was kept to seven points at half time.

With the use of an increasingly strong wind in the third term the Demons shot away. Johnson got the first goal of the third term, and four to one by the last change. They tried to run the clock down in the last quarter by heading for the boundary, but East Perth gradually ran them down. With minutes left they got to within one straight kick but missed an opportunity to tie the scores, before Bull made sure of the win with a last minute goal.

Midway through the game the field umpire was replaced.

Norm Smith praised East Perth's standard of play, but said "our boys used long kicking methods and this helped us win." He also said "this makes Melbourne the undisputed champions in Australia for 1956." East Perth coach Jack Sheedy said "Melbourne were too big and too strong, but in the last quarter they knew they were playing against a good side."

Best were Marquis, R. Johnson and Adams. Williams and Bull sprained ankles but were not replaced.

Selected team
Cordner, Marquis, Lord, Turner, Adams, Crameri, Dixon, Mithen, T. Johnson, Webb, Laidlaw, R. Johnson, Carroll, Pinfold, Cook, Ridley, Williams, Thorogood, Jones, Gleeson, Bull, Beckwth, Barassi, Mountain, McMahen, Atkinson

Webb 4.1, Johnson 2.1, Bull 2.1, Adams 1.1, Ridley 0.4, Jones 0.2, Barassi 0.1, Cook 0.1, Gleeson 0.1

Sunday Times - 21/10/1956
Argus - 22/10/1956

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