1951 Lightning Premiership

The competition was played was a fundraiser for the Royal Women's Hospital. 26,000 attended the competition which saw league clubs play 20 minutes games for the "Jubilee Centenary Cup". 2000p was raised for the hospital's building fun.

Clubs were asked not to play "recruits or players from their second 18's"

1st Round

Melbourne 0.1 0.4.4
Hawthorn 0.0 0.1.1

Best - Denis Cordner, Spencer, Beckwith

2nd Round

Melbourne 1.1 1.2.8
Footscray 0.0 0.0.0

Goal - Haywood
Best - Denis Cordner, Arnold, McKenzie

Semi Final

Richmond 1.2 2.2.14

Goals - Heywood, Johnston, McKenzie
Best - Jackson, Heywood, Johnston


Collingwood 0.0 2.0.12
Melbourne 1.0 1.0.6

Goal - Krause

Collingwood won with the first score 35 seconds into extra time after scores were level at the end of the second half. They had been behind by a goal in the last 15 seconds of normal time before levelling the score. Nevin Paynter had a chance to rush a ball in the dying seconds of normal time but missed, allowing the Pies to equalise.

Early in the overtime period a stray kick towards goal landed in the arms of a Collingwood player, needing any score to win. It was a much needed early win, considering they'd had eight minutes' rest before the final, while Melbourne had spelled for an hour.

Best were Jackson, Johnston, Arnold

Argus - 28/04/1951
Herald - 09/05/1951
Argus - 10/05/1951
Age - 10/05/1951
Age - 10/05/1951

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