1935 Practice Match vs Prahran

Saturday 6 April - Toorak Park
Crowd - 1500

Melbourne 5.0, 8.9, 11.12, 14.18.102
Prahran 3.3, 3.6, 7.10, 9.10.64

Melbourne win by 38 points

Goalkickers: Beames 4, Taylor 2, Gibbs 2, Campbell 1, Foster 1, Longhurst 1, Ryan 1, Libbis 1, Glass 1

After a nervy start where Prahran attacked from the bounce, the league side's pace and system helped them dominate the first half. A late goal to Campbell gave Melbourne their fifth straight of the first quarter and a nine point lead. They then held their opponents to three behinds in the second term to open a 33 point lead at the long break.

Prahran rallied after half time, only unable to challenge for victory due to their weak attack. They held the advantage in the third term but their forwards were being held well by Melbourne's defenders and the teams added three goals apiece.

The 26 point three quarter time lead was soon over 40 with a pair of early goals. Prahran then held their own for the rest of the quarter but were too far behind to challenge.

Best were Ball, G. Jones and Beames. Glass replaced Walsh during the game.

Selected team
B: Ogden, Roberts, G. Jones
HB: Ball, Hooper, L. Jones
C: Longhurst, Ryan, Kelly
HF: Campbell, Foster, Fisher
F: Taylor, Gibb, Libbis
Foll: Mueller, Niven, Beames

Deague and Walsh were also requested to attend. Glass played despite not being named and Walsh was also a late inclusion.

Argus - 05/04/1935
Sporting Globe - 06/04/1935
Argus - 08/04/1935
Age - 08/04/1935

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