1934 Seconds Semi Final

Saturday 29 September - MCG

Melbourne 4.8, 5.10, 10.10, 11.14.80
Geelong 1.0, 2.4, 3.7, 7.11.53

Melbourne win by 27 points

Goalkickers: Walsh 4, Gibb 2, Smith 1, Feltschier 1, Adams 1, Deague 1, Pemberton 1

Played in wintry conditions, with drizzling rain falling Melbourne were faster to the ball in the first quarter and it helped them open a 26 point lead. They could have been further in front but only managed four goals from 12 scoring shots to one.

As conditions improved in the second quarter Geelong improved, but they were unable to break through Melbourne's strong defence and only managed to take two points off the quarter time lead.

The game was put away in the third quarter, with five goals in a row opening a nine goal lead before the visitors got a late goal to reduce the margin. They were still too far behind, and four goals to one only helped them get within five goals.

Best were Sambell, Power and Walsh.

B: Spicer, W. Power, Young
HB: McNamara, Harrison, Kinnear
C: Davidson, Sambell, Sweeney
HF: Pemberton, Vanthoff, Smith
F: Walsh, Gibb, Niven
Foll: Adams, Deague, Feltschier
19th: Baggott

Football Record 1934 Finals

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