1877 September Match vs Albert Park

Melbourne vs Albert Park
Saturday 15 September
Venue: Richmond Paddock
Attendance: 4000

Albert Park 0.00.0

Melbourne win by 1 goal

Goalkicker: Charles Baker 1

In their first meeting for the season with Albert Park, Melbourne were wary of their in-form opponents despite not having lost since July. The ground was rough, leading to a number of players being thrown into gravel.

The first half saw Melbourne on top, but they couldn't capitalise on any of their numerous chances to score and at the break the teams were level. To shore up their defence the visitors bolstered their defence with forwards, leaving them unlikely to score but raising the possibility of eking out a nil-all draw.

Melbourne was particularly wasteful - they missed four chances early in the second half and it took them until half and hour before the end of play for the Reds to open the scoring. Cooper and Charles Baker managed to work together to put Baker through near the Albert Park goal and he converted. It was the only goal of the match.

Best were Longden, Lamrock and Houston.

The Argus - 17/09/1877
Leader - 22/09/1877
Australasian - 22/09/1877

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