1877 June Match vs Hawthorn

Saturday June 16 - Melbourne Ground
Crowd - 2000

Melbourne 2
Hawthorn 0 (half time 0-0)

Melbourne win by 2 goals

Goalkickers: James Macdonald 1, Charles Baker 1

20 players from Melbourne took on 25 from Hawthorn. After a reasonably even first half where Hawthorn could have kicked the first goal, the senior club dominated their junior opponents in a game that was more memorable for what took place off-field.

MacDonald was returning to his position at one point when he knocked over a small boy. Given that the ball wasn't in play at the time, umpire James McKean regarded it as unacceptable and turned him over to a local policeman. The crowd started to become rowdy and the police officer decided on self preservation and let him go having taken his name. After that McKean was public enemy #1 and for the rest of the game he was 'hooted', had dirt thrown at him and had his hat 'knocked out of shape'. In a letter to the Age newspaper, Macdonald claimed to have helped the boy up after the collision, and disputed McKean's comments about the incident.

Best were Page, Webb and Sillett.

Argus - 18/06/1877
Age - 20/06/1877
Australiasian - 23/06/1877

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