1877 July Match vs Carlton

Saturday 14 July - Madeline Street
Crowd: 6000

Melbourne 0
Carlton 4 (half time 0-1)

Carlton win by 4 goals

The second contest of the year between the old rivals saw Carlton shock their more fancied opponents with a number of rugby moves learnt during their recent trip to Sydney. It was the biggest win in the history of matches between the teams.

On a slippery field not yet recovered from rains the previous day Melbourne lost the toss and were forced to kick into a swirling wind. Once the players finally found their feet the two sides traded the ball from one end to the other with little success. It took the Blue team fifteen minutes to score their first goal and it was recorded that one of their number did three somersaults in celebration.

Carlton won courtesy of superior use of little marking, and the lack of teamwork amongst their opponents. Melbourne went in to half-time just one goal behind, and despite having what use there was of the wind could not convert. C. Baker ludicrously missed an opportunity from 4ft out within the first 10 minutes of the second half, and from there Carlton dominated and won easily.

Best were Jim McKie, George Houston and Fred Baker.

Anthony, C. Baker, F. Baker, Barrass, Bennie, Booth, Cooke, Cooper, Forrester, Houston, Johnson, Longden, Macdonald, McKie, Moffat, F. Page, Sherrard, Sillett, Suhard, Williams. Emergencies - Petrie, Fraser, Webb

Argus - 16/07/1877
Australasian - 21/07/1877

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