1877 August Match vs West Melbourne

Saturday 18 August - Melbourne Ground

Melbourne 3
West Melbourne 0 (half time 1-0)

Melbourne win by 3 goals

Goalkickers: James McDonald 2, Anthony 1

Fresh from victories in South Australia, Melbourne returned home for a clash at a 25-20 disadvantage against the juniors. After weeks where they had been criticised for selfish play the Reds pleased their fans with unselfish play and immediately went on the attack after West had kicked off and spurned their first choice by only managing a behind.

MacDonald goalled first for Melbourne from a free kick 50 yards out, but other than his score the match was evenly poised for the first half with both sides having attacking chances.

Melbourne started the second half the better side and MacDonald kicked his second goal from 50 yards out. West Melbourne then attacked but Melbourne's defence resolutely held out, and the few chances their opponents had weren't converted. Melbourne went down the other end and sealed the game when a kick MacDonald found Anthony who goalled from a scrimmage.

Best were Sillett, Houston and Booth.

Selected side
Anthony, Baker, Baker, Barrass, Booth, Cooke, Cooper, Downes, Houston, Johnston, Lamrock, Longden, Macdonald, McKie, Moffatt, Power, Sherrard, Sillett, Webb, Williams. Emergencies - Fraser, Suhard, Goldsmith.

Weekly Times - 18/08/1877
Argus - 20/08/1877
Australasian - 25/08/1877

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