1865 August match vs University

Saturday 5 August - Richmond Paddock

University 2
Melbourne 1

University win

Goalkicker: William Riggall 1

The Challenge Cup changed hands for the second time during the season as University pulled off a shock victory despite being dominated throughout the match. Melbourne were without a number of their important players - including Henry Harrison who was playing for the Customs side - while their opponents brought a strong side featuring several South Yarra and Melbourne players in their successful attempt to take the trophy. They needed to win, having twice lost cup challenges they would be barred from another if they lost again.

The first goal came within 15 minutes, from a place kick by Hope. University continued to attack as they looked for the killer second goal, but even though they got the ball towards the Melbourne posts it was usually rebounded quickly. The home side eventually equalised 40 minutes later when a shot by Fleming rebounded off the University keeper into the hands of Riggall who converted.

Another 40 minutes elapsed before University won the game. The blame fell to Melbourne goalkeeper Mathew O'Brien, who caught the ball in front of goal and held onto it instead of kicking it immediately and was dispossessed. University then forced the ball over the line, and on appeal the goal was allowed.

Best were Marshall, Wardill and Conway.

Wardell (c), Conway, Riggall, Osborne, Treacey, O'Brien, Aitken, Darchy, Shiels, Davidson, Serrell, Freeman, Powell, Kennedy, McCarthy, W. Campbell, J. Campbell, M. Smith, Clarke, Woolley, Marshall, Locke, Perraton, Wilkie, Murray, Green.

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