1861 July Match vs Geelong

Saturday July 13 - Argyle Ground

Geelong 2
Melbourne 0

Geelong win

Melbourne were "received with that hospitality which has always distinguished the sporting community of Geelong", but of the chosen 20 players Melbourne were only able to field 14 against the home side's 22. With the superior numerical advantage Geelong registered their first ever win as a club.

The home side offered Melbourne replacement players, but the Reds refused and opted to go in with an eight player disadvantage. They had the wind in the first portion of the game but conceded a goal. After lunch they attempted a number of full-frontal attacks but despite getting the ball to the line several times were turned back by Geelong's defenders.

Their efforts to force a goal left the undermanned Melbourne exhausted and they eventually conceded a second goal.

After the official match the sides were levelled with a number of Geelong players but by the time the visitors had to leave no socre had been had.

Selected team
M. Morrison, RW Wardill, HC Harrison, S. Woolley, TH Smith, GM Nicholls, J. Heath, JR Baker, H. Thompson, D. Cameron, W. Lucas, EC Amsinck, W. Doherty, A. Hope, S. Costick, G. Shoosmith, Abbott, RM Smith, W. Rayer, TW Sutton, A. May, G. Elliott, G. Marshall, J. Russell, J. McGregor, JB Russell, JW Greig, W. Hammersley, J. Sheils, HR Woolley.

Geelong Advertiser - 12/07/1861
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Argus - 15/07/1861
Geelong Advertiser - 15/07/1861

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