1860 July Match vs St. Kilda

Saturday 7 July - St Kilda Cricket Ground

St. Kilda 0
Melbourne 2

Melbourne win

Goalkickers: William Hammersley 2

An easy win for the "Invincible Whites", still unbeaten in any match, who were supplemented by several Richmond players including Tom Wills.

Team (from)
Bruce, Wills, Smith, J. B. Thompson, Byrne, W. Hammersley, S. Woolley, A. Hope, Petrie, T. F. Wray, N. Jacomb, Bird, Baker, Harrison, J. Baker, Nicholls, Busevi, Freame, May, H. Thompson, O'Mullane, C. J. Kenworthy, Lightfoot, Montgomery, R. Wardill, Brazenor, Waugh, J. Campbell, Barter

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