Round 8, 1948
Collingwood vs Melbourne
Saturday 5 June
Venue: Victoria Park
Attendance: 20,000

Match Statistics

Collingwood win by 7 points

Goalkickers: Bob McKenzie 3, Lance Arnold 2, Noel McMahen 2, George Bickford 1, Frank Hanna 1, Dave Hardie 1, Alby Rodda 1

First goal
Dave Hardie (3rd game)

Melbourne's excellent recent form, five wins in a row, came to an end against a team who were level with them on wins but had an inferior percentage.

Collingwood attacked solidly to start the game but initially couldn't get past Melbourne's strong defence. Collingwood gradually unsettled the backmen with their superior pace and opened up a 14 point lead at quarter time.

With their chance to use the wind in the second term Melbourne made good use of the breeze and took a nine point lead into half time.

The Magpies made their move in the third quarter, and were eight points in front. Melbourne fought hard, but having outscored their opposition by nearly 20 goals in the previous four last quarters they could only take one point off Collingwood's three quarter time lead - thanks chiefly to poor kicking for goal which saw them add 2.6 when the game was there to be won.

The Demons were brave, but their defeat was mainly due to the Magpies' dominance of the centre of the ground. Collingwood won handily in the middle and on the wings, as well as with their ruckman being on top. The loss dropped Melbourne outside the four.

Best were Deans, McGrath and McLean. O'Rourke replaced Rule (injured hand) in the third quarter. W. Scanlan was an unused 20th man.

Melbourne 9.24 d. Collingwood 11.9

Sporting Globe shows the crowd as 18,500

Argus - 05/06/1948
Football Record R9 1948