Round 5, 1979
Carlton vs Melbourne
Saturday 5 May
Venue: Princes Park
Attendance: 24,148

Match Statistics

Carlton win by 14 points

Goalkickers: Robert Walters 5, Michael Byrne 2, Andrew Moir 2, Phil Carman 1, Glenn Elliott 1, Robert Flower 1, Gerard Healy 1

First game
Bruce Elliott

Last game
John Dellamarta
Barry Norsworthy
Peter O'Keefe

It was a tough enough task to beat the undefeated Blues, but with a makeshift side wrecked by injuries the job was even more difficult. Seven changes had been forced on the selectors from the Round 4 winning side. Carl Ditterich, Henry Coles, Laurie Fowler, Kelvin Richards and Tony Martyn were injured or ill. Peter Hamilton suspended, and Chris Woodman dropped. They were replaced by Michael Byrne, Kelly O'Donnell, Barry Denny, Peter O'Keefe and the three Elliot brothers.

Glenn, Robert and Bruce who had all been cleared from St. Kilda were the first three siblings to play in a match together since Collingwood's Twomeys in the 1950s, and only the third in league history. O'Keefe's selection proved a problem as he was meant to be the best-man at his brother's wedding in Seymour that afternoon. He had fought back from three cancer operations to play so he had to take his chance - it would turn out to be his last game.

During the week Frank Davis took training while Ditterich battling a virus, but Ditterich was able to return on matchday.

By the end of the four quarters they hadn't managed to take home the four points, but they did receive the admiration of their opposition. Carlton coach Alex Jesaulenko admitted he didn't even know who half the players they lined up against were.

The experienced Glenn Elliott teamed with youngsters like Moir, Healy, Walters, Byrne, Bruce Elliott, Whitford and O'Donnell to put the Demons ahead at three quarter time, and with a favourable breeze in the last. Unfortunately a side missing eight senior players, including the captain-coach couldn't get to the line. It didn't help that Phil Carman was injured early in the last quarter.

Best were Gaunt, Flower and Wingate.

Carlton 21.20.146 d. Melbourne 13.16.94
Goals - Fitzsimmons 3, T. Flower 3, Roberts 2, Biffin 1, Code 1, Clayton 1, Lockwood 1, Maynard 1
Best - Sullivan, Clayton, Code

Under 19s
Melbourne 13.9.87 defeated Carlton 9.11.65
Goals - Thorne 5, Bardoel 3, Cochrane 2, Burn 1, Denko 1, Love 1
Best - Bickford, Logie, Greene

Sun - 01/05/1979, 07/05/1979
Age - 04/05/1979, 07/05/79

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