Round 1 1959

Round 1, 1959
Richmond vs Melbourne
Saturday 18 April
Venue: Punt Road
Attendance: 25,000

Match Statistics

Melbourne win by 47 points

Goalkickers: Ron Barassi 5, Frank Adams 3, Robert B Johnson 3, Ian Ridley 3, Clyde Laidlaw 1, Alan Rowarth 1

First Game
Tassie Johnson
Hassa Mann

In their first game since a heartbreaking Grand Final defeat, the Demons ran away from Richmond in the last quarter to record a victory.

After seemingly putting the game behind Richmond's reach in the second quarter the Tigers responded to a stinging half time speech from coach Alan McDonald and rallied during the third term. They drew within two points at the final change but couldn't sustain the momentum.

It was then that Melbourne sparked, having 16 scoring shots to kick 6.10 against a solitary point. An experimental move to play Barassi at full-forward was a success, but Norm Smith put him back on the ball in the last quarter late in the game once the result was beyond doubt. It was Melbourne's best score at Richmond since 1947.

Bob Johnson clashed with Richmond's Roy Wright and the big hit straightened out Wright's crooked nose. He later received a bill in jest from Johnson for 'medical services rendered'.

Best were Dixon, Barassi and Jones. Ridley and Williams were replaced by Mann and Thorogood respectively during the last quarter.

Melbourne 13.23 d. Richmond 8.7
Goals - Brenchley 5, Webb 2, Wilkinson 2, Stevens 1, Sheppard 1, Fenton-Smith 1, Evans 1
Best - Pinfold, Brenchley, Stevens

Melbourne 9.10 d. Richmond 3.15

Age - 20/04/1959
Football Record R2 1959

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