Who's behind this?

Stats freaks and lovers of the Melbourne Football Club

How do I make a change?

Sign-ups are currently disabled due to trouble with spammers, but if you send us an email (demonblogger AT gmail.com) we can set one up for you.

I'd like to contribute but I don't know where to start

If you've got information, photos or anything to add but don't know how, email us and we'll be in contact to get the information and make use of it. We'll try to add the name of people who have helped on the Sources page.

I saw a mistake!

Send us an email with details.

Why are there ads?

As this is a fan run site there are various domain and hosting costs that need to be met. Unfortunately at the moment we are unable to cover these without some outside help.

If you'd like to contribute a donation towards the hosting of the service, and hopefully it's eventual financial independence, please let us know or click the Paypal link on the front page.

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