Inspired by Paul Johnson being listed by the Hawks and a question from @hibbyhibbert on Twitter today about the last time we had more than one player go to an opposition club in the same season I've combed the record books and found some examples of ones who came, and those who went the other way from 1950 onwards - when the amount of recycled players settled down.

This is based on the first/last year that the particular person played for the club - and on a direct swap between the clubs with no years missed, so if there's anybody who doesn't qualify let me know (except this year's Hawks, we'll just assume they all somehow get a game). Also doesn't take into account players who never played a game except in cases that I already knew about. Includes mid-season drafts and swaps.

Three players in
Garry Baker, Ted Carroll and Charles Pagnoccolo from Footscray in 1974
Phil Carman, John Dellamarta and Wayne Gordon from Collingwood in 1979
Stephen Icke, Alan Jarrott and Brian Wilson from North Melbourne in 1982

Two players in
Allan Davis and Shane Grambeau from St Kilda in 1976
Glenn Elliott and Robert Elliott from St Kilda in 1979
Brent Crosswell and Bill Nettlefold from North Melbourne in 1980
Vin Catoggio and Michael Young from Carlton in 1981
Steven Clark and Trevor Spencer from Essendon in 1990
Chris Heffernan and Gary Moorcroft from Essendon in 2003

Four players out
Darryl Cox, Dale Dickson, John Fidge and Mark Withers to Brisbane Bears in 1987

Three players out
Cameron Bruce, Kyle Cheney and Paul Johnson to Hawthorn in 2011

Two players out
Ray Dawson and Ray Nilsson to South Melbourne in 1964
Graeme Jacobs and Terry Leahy to South Melbourne in 1968
Sid Catlin and Rob Dowsing to South Melbourne in 1969
Adrian Battiston and David Cordner to Sydney in 1988
Brent Heaver and Earl Spalding to Carlton in 1992
Phil Gilbert and Jason Norrish to Fremantle in 1995
Clay Sampson and Trent Ormond-Allen to Adelaide in 1997